There are many benefits of Pre & Post Natal Massage including:

  • Relief of stress on weight bearing joints e.g ankles, knees, pelvis, lower back
  • Reduces high blood pressure and varicose veins associated with pregnancy
  • Reduces edema, the swelling in hands and feet
  • Lessens sciatic pain, back & neck pain and cramps in calves
  • Increases oxygen and nutrients to the cells of mum and bub
  • Bub receives better nourishment and gives mum more energy
  • Reduces the chances of stretch marks

Regular massage throughout the pregnancy is said to shorten labour time and assist in the return to optimal fitness levels after birth

Pregnant mothers finally get to enjoy the experience lying face down. With specialised pregnancy massage equipment, mums can comfortably lie on their front without causing harm to the baby.

Post Natal massage is a great way to reduce the stress and tension caused by pregnancy and birth. It can also reduce post natal depression and promote healing.